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Professional License Defense In North Carolina

The focus of North State Law is professional license defense, Office of Administrative Hearing actions, family law & civil litigation. Our office serves the entire state of North Carolina. We encourage people to reach out to us even if it’s not an area of law we practice because we love to help connect the public with attorneys we know and trust.

This firm believes in establishing a long-term relationship with our clients as well as making sure we are able to help our clients in their time of legal need. We strive to keep our clients in the light when it comes to their case and work to keep an open line of communication with clients.

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NC Nursing License Defense

What Should I know if I have a Dentist License in North Carolina?

Dentistry has been a staple in the U.S. since Paul Revere practiced dentistry on the side in the 1700s.  We have come a long way from the days of silversmiths moonlighting as dentists though.  North Carolina has required occupational licenses for dentists since enacting NCGS §90-22 in the early 20th century.  This statute, and article


The 5 Biggest Prescription Errors That Nurse Practitioners Can Make (Part 4: Prescribing Drugs and/or Devices that are not included in the collaborative practice agreement)

This is part four (4) of a five (5) part series titled the “5 biggest prescription errors that nurse practitioners can make”.  Today we are discussing prescribing drugs and/or devices that are not included in the collaborative practice agreement.  Only under certain circumstances, as discussed below, may a nurse practitioner